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Points of View

We encourage our team members to contribute to the industry by publishing articles and presenting at conferences to share their experiences. From time to time we will make some of these available here.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss these Points of View with the Clarescent team, please email us at

"Brand Protection: Managing the Risk of Counterfeiting and Diversion"; Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging

"When Worlds Collide - The Unleashed Power of Marketing/R&D Collaboration"; Pharmaceutical Executive

“Managing The Risk Of Counterfeiting And Diversion"; World Pharmaceutical Frontiers

“Key Opinion Leader Interactions with Pharma" Pharmaceutical Executive

"Product Launches: From couches to airline seats"; Pharmaceutical Executive

"Overcoming the Silo Mentality in Integrating KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders)”; Presentation at CBI’s 2nd Annual KOL Conference; Philadelphia



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